If you ever have a dream In Dreamover, will make it over and true

Dreamover is a company specializing in providing IT solutions and intelligent electronic products to other companies and start-ups to help them improve their businesses. We are able to analyze any activity and provide with the best suiting IT solutions how to decrease your expense, use hidden opportunities and scale up the market.

Who We Are

We are a team of like-minded people who do programming, generate ideas and realize them. Customized ERP and E-Commerce are our main directions and we know how to deal with many IT related issues and what solution should be provided in today’s reality and conditions.

IT consulting

With our sufficient resources and unique insights on the current market needs, your abstract ideas can be modified into an applicable project direction. Inform us your problems and we will come up with the most suitable solution in technical terms.

Reliable Server Hosting

We help to host hundreds of websites & backend systems worldwide while achieving 99.5% up time all over the years. With the help of our enthusiastic support team, you will only need to focus on your main business.

Programming Expert

Our team of developers will get their hands on front-end and also back-end programming. Clients will be updated in real time with a neat and step-by-step progress explanation. User Acceptance Test is essential as we hope to ensure that programming issues do not exist.

Technical and Maintenance Support

Maintained by a team known for quality, Dreamover has a range of web developers, server administrators, mobile app developers and every experts else you might need!

We Got  the Skills

Years later Dreamover became a well-known and respected company with a staff of professionals. The company expanded their directions of services offered and now have a wide range of researches, analysis, producing new ideas, and resolving different business issues.

ERP Customization

Powered by a diverse multitude of PM knowledges and experiences, Dreamover provides you with a highly customized ERP system design.

Hybrid Mobile APP

We are expertise in Mobile APP development, especially in Hybrid APP. We have tremendous skills in AngularJS, Angular4, IONIC and React Native.

Ecommerce Expert

Ecommerce grows so fast it seems impossible to ignore Dreamover will allow that, being e-store friendly.

Responsive Layout

In the world of today, people come across a website via screens of all sizes. Dreamover is optimized for tablets, phones & desktops.

Reliable Support

Known for working around just about any issues, our tech support will always be glad to help you !

Pro to Its Core

Developed by a team known for quality, Dreamover has a range of designs, libraries, services and everything else you might need!

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