Real Estate Tech

Today, buyers and sellers can access detailed property records on their phones in a matter of seconds.

The real estate market has evolved into a wildly different reality than where it started.

Recent data show that 68% of new home shoppers prefer to deal with agents through their mobile applications.

As mobile traffic has skyrocketed, some real estate companies have been quick to adapt, investing in technology and tools that support their brokers and agents.

More interestingly, virtual reality and video is set to transform the buying process the same way digital photos and online listings did about 30 years ago.

With two billion smartphone owners and 10 million VR sets shipped this year, real estate is becoming an exciting ground for innovation that can deliver more sales, better revenues and seamless buyer experiences.


I have worked with Logiciel and I find that it has a firm grasp of the strategic vision and is able to translate the vision into a detailed implementable plan focused on execution delivering on the bottom line.

John Burgundy Starsup Ltd. Starsup Ltd.

Logiciel’s ability to discover and implement business strategy and motivate the staff to work towards shared goals was absolutely key to the growth and success of the organization.

Nick Roberts Marvelous Co. Marvelous Co.