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We are highly skilled in finance, economics, taxation, government regulation, marketing and many other. We are able to analyze any activity and provide with the bulk of solutions how to decrease your expense, use hidden opportunities and what spheres are good for investment.

Project Team

Mainly responsible for website and APP project development management and process monitoring. Dreamover-studio's entire project team is very meticulous and rigorous in its work. During the project, it keeps consultation and communication with customers at any time. Both sides cooperate to successfully complete the project development work in the shortest time.
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Product Group

Not only to plan products, but also to provide valuable ideas and overall services. Dreamover-studio is constantly exploring various industry attributes and business models, comprehensively understanding the current situation of enterprises, in-depth mining of brand value, professional planning and accurate product value.
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sales department

Formulate sales plan and corresponding sales strategy, establish sales organization and train salesmen, formulate personal sales indicators of salesmen, transform sales plan into sales performance, and evaluate the effectiveness of sales plan and the performance of salesmen.
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Technology Department

Professionals engaged in program development and maintenance. With strong development power, customize the proprietary platform according to customer needs and work processes
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